SRE News Roundup 17April

Fire fighting training at KLG Public School

Observing Fire-fighting week, KLG Public School and AFS Sarsawa provided training to the students of 11th and 12th standard. The Fire Control Officer explained and demonstrated for the benefit of the students various ways in which they may fight against different kinds of fire while keeping themselves safe.  The students were told that by the time fire fighting team arrives after being  summoned by calling at 101 number, fire has to be controlled so as to cause minimum loss to property and lives.  The students were given the demonstration for using fire-extinguishers and were explained different agents such as sand, water, Carbon dioxide required for fighting fire caused by different inflammable items.

The Principal Manoj Awasthi thanked the visiting officers for imparting highly useful and life-saving knowledge to his students.

B.Sc. 3rd year Botany Practicals on 20th April

Dr. Vijay Malik, Lecturer, Botany Dept.,  M.S. College, Saharanpur has informed the students that their practical exam would commence at 9 a.m. on 20th April.  He has urged the students to immediately get in touch with him for further information.


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