Mothers’ Day Special – II

Little Angles School

Little students poured their hearts out while preparing greeting cards for their dear mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day.  चलना सीखा मैने, तेरी उंगली पकड़ के मां !
बुढ़ापे में तेरी लाठी बन सकूं ए मां !!

On this day, school also organised a host of musical events, party games and partying.  The Principal Manish Mangal offered his gratitude towards his mother by touching her feet and thus offered his example for the benefit of his students.  He also extracted promises from his students that they won’t ever hurt their mother’s heart.

Pari, Simra, Bhavya, Bhoomi, Ahna, Riddhi, Siddhi, Siya, Lavanya, Ajal, Dolly, Rohani, Dev Manasvi, Peehu  performed a group dance to stole hearts of everyone.  Swati, Nishtha, Praati, Vandana, Radhika, Shweta, Mitushi and other teachers played crucial role in making the program a great success.

M G M’s Kids Heaven School

Various games and competitions were organised by Kids Heaven School also at Bapuji Nagar.  Lemon Rate, Musical Chair, Greeting Card competition etc., were organised in which Samarth, Ojaswi, Farhan, Shikha, Riya, Riyanshi, Aditya, Kartik, Pushkar, Govind, Litika, Nishant, Gunjan, Vanshika, Rohan, Abhimanyu, Mehul, Vansh, Suruchi and many more children participated in songs, dances and games.  The Principal Sadhna Singhal and her school teachers e.g. Preeti, Kangana, Neha shared their experiences and feelings about the importance of mother in their respective life.

The Manager of the School Harsh Singhal congratulated everyone on Mother’s Day and vowed to celebrate the Day year after year.

Jaya Public School

In a fun-filled programme at Jaya Public School, parents, teachers and students interacted through various interesting activities and games.  Poetry and songs in praise of mothers were recited by different students and teachers.  Lemon Race, Musical chair, Public Speaking Competition, Dance competiton also were organised.

The children who participated in the programme included Matansha, Taniya, Bhumi, Aish, Vanshika, Shamka, Abdul, Harshit, Shubhani, Abdulla, Sanjana, Arnav, Yogesh etc.  The Principal of the school Saurabh Gupta congratulated the students and their mothers on Mothers’ Day.   Kavita Saini, Rakhi Dhiman, Monika Chauhan, Niharika Gautam and other teachers actively participated in various events.  The programme was convened by Dipika Madaan.



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