Career Counselling Seminar

dSREdotCom members honouring the Commissioner Bhuvnesh Kumar

dSREdotCom members honouring the Commissioner Bhuvnesh Kumar

Students of Saharanpur are no less in terms of talent with anyone, yet, in absence of proper education, training and guidance, majority of them do not get what they have potential for.  But not anymore.  RAMSA and the, ably supported by Glocal University have drawn a road map to reach out to the students of not only cities, but also suburbs and villages of the district Saharanpur for career related guidance.  The three came together, decided to work and move together in right earnest today at a seminar on the topic Importance of Career Counselling at Clark Hotel auditorium, Dehradun Road, Saharanpur in which various principals, teachers, educationists and parents participated.

The Commissioner of Saharanpur  Bhuvnesh Kumar, IAS stressed the need of making students aware of various career options at an early age and of helping them in making a suitable choice to bring out the best hidden in them.  “Children, when asked about their career choice, often talk of becoming IAS, doctor, engineer, CA etc.  But when asked who their role models are, their list contains the names – Sachin Tendulkar,  Amitabh Bachhan,  Saina Nehwal  and Salman Khan!  Why sports and entertainment industry cannot be excellent career choice?  Quizzed the Chief Guest Bhuvnesh Kumar.  He also enquired from the representatives of different schools if they have got a functional career counseling cell at their end, for, schools are the most ideal place for providing career counselling to students, Mr. Kumar added.

Prof. Seema Dheer of Punjab Technical University, Dr. Aiyaz of Glocal University talked of myriad of career opportunities in agriculture and law respectively.  Dr. Inderjeet Gupta, with the help of power point presentation, laid the foundation of the discussion and told that career counseling is not a onetime process but is a lifelong activity since with changing technologies, changing circumstances and ever changing level of education and experience, new avenues open up before us.  What is good for us today may not be good tomorrow also.  We should not only be able to adapt ourselves to the changing circumstances, we should explore and utilize them in our favour also.

The Commissioner lighting the lamp

Sushant Singhal,  founder editor of The Saharanpur Dot Com,  told the gathering that aim of thesaharanpur dot com is to make Saharanpur a respectable brand name so that all products of Saharanpur – including the students, are looked at with respect and confidence in different parts of the world. Whatever is being produced in Saharanpur should carry an invisible ISI mark and students of Saharanpur are no exception.  If we take their good care, offer them proper guidance and training they deserve, they would start receiving preferential treatment over others.  The Saharanpur Dot Com and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, with the help of Glocal University will cover the entire range of Hindi and English medium schools in Saharanpur district for this very purpose.

Mr. Manish Kumar,  Branch Manager, HDFC Bank, Gangoh also spoke of his experience when he was scoffed at by his own well-meaning parents and relatives when he revealed ‘agriculture’ as his career choice.  Isn’t agriculture a great career choice?  After all, agriculture is an infinitely wide arena covering vast choices including bio medical sciences, bio-chemistry and international marketing to name a few.   He also felt sad that self-employment doesn’t get the importance it deserves when we are informing students of various career choices.


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