Saharanpur News Capsule – 14May

Tai-kwando Team from Saharanpur

Tai-kwando team from Saharanpur selected for State-level Championship. The championship will be held on 21 and 22 May.  The selected team members are getting intensive training from 13th May which will continue till 18th. National Tai-kwando championship will be organised in June in Manipur.  Saharanpur Tai-kwando Association is offering financial support to the candidates by financing their way into the State Level Championship.  The panel of jury had Nitesh Verma and Pradeep Singh. Judges were Anwar Ali, Vivek Sharma, Sanjay Arya while referee were Ankit Sagwan and Devyani Nighoshkar.

Stipend of Shiksha-Mitra to go up

CM Akhilesh Yadav has promised to U.P. Prathmik Shiksha Mitra Sangh delegates who had met him on 2nd May that the stipend of Shiksha Mitra would be raised substantially since 3500/- p.m. is too low an amount for sustenance of their respective families. District Chairpeson Naresh Kumar has further informed that U.P. Govt. has forwarded on 8th may, a proposal to Central Govt. seeking raise in stipend amount and as soon as the proposal is approved, a G.O. would be issued by the U.P. Govt.  He further warned the Centre that if the proposal is turned down, a massive dharna and gherao of the Parliament would be staged on 18th June in Delhi.

Personality Development Camp for the female teachers

Jan Kalyan Mahila Vikas Samiti in association of Balaji Socal Welfare Society is conducting a Personality Development camp for the female teachers in which time management, goal-setting, discipline, behavioural science, body language, dress sense, living style, eating habits, character, good conversational skills and self-teaching were extensively covered by the faculty.  The workshop was conducted at Balaji Academy, Durgapuri Colony.

Anamika Sharma, Ved Prakash Popli, S. Daljeet Singh Kochar, Dr. Qudsia Anjum, Diwakar Gupta and Dr. Neelam Thakur were among the notables who were present there.

Jain College Students Union furious over mismanagement

Various agitationists belonging to the Chhatra-Sangh of JVJain College, Saharanpur led by Ambul Chaudhary and Pankaj Umri staged a dharna in front of Principal’s Office to press their demands.  When the Principal was found to be clueless as regards the solution to the problems mentioned by the Students Union, the Union President Ambul Choudhary talked with the VC of C.C.S. University who told that the matter was to be settled at the College level only.

Mother’s Day at Khalsa Public School

Principal of Khalsa Public School Dimple Bajaj told the school children that their first and the greatest teacher is their own mother whom they should listen to and obey. Drawing competition involving students from 1st to 10th std. was also organised in the school in which the participants were to depict social issues like Pollution / Population Explosion and Corruption. More than 100 students participated in the event. Saiba, Sheeza, Nishtha, Anmol, Abhay, Kirti, Aditya, Saima, Uzama, Amit, neha, Kartik, Mayank, Vaishnavi, Tanushree, Rahul, Fabia, Kajal, Muskan, Atul and many more children actively participated.  Smt. Taruna Arora, Amit Kamboj, Nidhi Verma, Swati Kamboj, Hema Kalia, Surabhi Kalra, Ila, Asha, neha, Shalini, Indu, Nisha, Priyanka Jaspreet, Sapna, Rukmesh, Shahin, Shikha, Shashank, Abhilash, Shubham and Arjun played important role in making the event a highly successful one.

DIG DC Mishtra inaugurates Homoeo Clinic in Madhav Nagar

The homoeo clinic of Dr. Anshul Singh on Ravi Dass Marg, Madhav Nagar, Saharanpur was inaugurated by DIG Durga Charan Mishra. Jigar Jobelputra of Royal Bank of Scotland was also present on the occasion.  Padmashree Bharat Bhushan, Dr. P.D. Garg and Dr. R.K. Sharma adorned the statue of Dr. Hannemann, the founder of Homoeopathy with a garland.

Dr. Brijesh Sharma, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma, Sh. Vidyasharan, Sh. Kaushalendra Swami Ji, Pt. Vasudev Sharma ‘Nirmohi’ and Dr. Mahesh Sharma were among the notables who were present.

4 cricketers of SRE got selected for Under-19 cricket state level trial matches

For the Under-19 trial matches scheduled for 14-20 May at Kanpur, Arjun Chouhan, Mohd. Wajid, Madhur Chodhary and Shanu Saini have been shortlisted from Saharanpur. While Shanu Saini will have to report on 14th May, other three players will be reporting on 17th May by 4.00 p.m. at Kamla Club, Kanpur.

District Cricket Association (Regd.) Saharanpur Gen. Secretary and ex-Ranji player Sanjeev Jakhmola and others have expressed their happiness and have wished these players all the success in their test of telent and stamina.

SRE Adhivakta Association celebrates Parshuram Jayanti

A large number of advocates assembled today on 13th May at the main hall of Saharanur Association to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti.  Bar Sangh Chairperson Isam Singh, Advocate presided over the function and Gen. Secretary Rajeev Sharma Advocate convened the program.  The meeting was addressed by Sh. Pramod Sharma Advocate, Vikram Singh Joshi Advocate, Rashid Jamil Advocate, Jai Prakash Sharma Advocate, Sushil Arya Advocate, Braj Bhushan Sharma Advocate, V.N. Sharma Advocate.

The advocates who were present included Sidhharth Shankar Tyagi, Aditya Angiras, Pramod Sharma, Pradeep Sharma, Teg Singh Pundir, Rakesh Sahal, Kuldeep Tyagi, Shailendra Tiwari, Mehtab Ali Khan, Shravan Sharma, Jaswant Saini among others.  Many who spoke on the occasion referred to the terrorism prevelent in the country and sought to abolish it with the same determination with which Bhagwan Parshuram had abolished terrorism 21 times during his life time.  The meeting resolved to fight against terrorism with all its might.

Mass Movement to get rid of social evils

Akhil Bhartiya Brahmin Maha Sangh called a large meeting at the residence of State General Secretary Rajesh Pundit at Paper Mill Road.  Expressing great concern over spread of various social evils, the meeting extensively discussed ways and means to eradicate such evils which are eating into social fabric and harmony among various segments of the society.  The meeting also favoured the view that the reservation in its present caste-based form should be replaced with a need-based reservation system which would be more in conformity with the spirit of our Constitution.  A need for kick-starting a mass movement was felt by everyone which should continue till the coveted goals are achieved.  The meeting was convened by Anil Sharma and Dr. Mahesh Sharma and was presided over by Pt. Goverdhan Das Sharma.

The meeting was attended by Sh. Surendra Kapil, Ex-MLA Saharanpur who is also the Convenor of Brahmin Samaj Sewa Samiti, Pt. Goverdhan Das Sharma, President of Punjabi Brahmin Sabha and Ex-Chairman of Saharanpur, B.C. Sharma, Gen. Secretary of Punjabi Brahmin Sabha,  Dr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma State President of Brahmin Maha Sangh,  Sh. Narendra Sharma State President of Yuva Parshuram Dal, Pravesh Sharma, Vice Present,  Also present were Anil Sharma, Dr. Mahesh, Pt. Vinod Sharma, Sanjeev, Pramod Vats, Devendra Kapil, Ajay Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Mukesh Sharma, Atul Parashar etc.

BSP Saharanpur celebrates Parshuram Jayanti

Congratulating Saharanpurians on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti,  Dinesh Sharma Dist. Vice President of BSP Saharanpur Unit and various other office bearers expressed dire need to follow the ideals and principles of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji.

The meeting was addressed by Mukesh Sharma (Rampur), Anupam Sharma (SRE), Mange Ram Sharma (Behat), Arun sharma (Gangoh) also.  Those who were notably present included Sukhpal Sharma, Nityanand Sharma, Sudhir Sharma, Sachin Sharma, Satish Kumar, Jogendra Saini, Rampal Singh, Ankit Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, Ajay Sharma, Rajan Joshi etc.  The meeting was presided over by Pravesh Sharma and was convened by Anuj Kaushik.

Rajkeey Nurses Sangh celebrates Nursing Day

Gathered at Dist. Women Hospital Saharanur, members of U.P. Rajkeey Nurses Sangh, Saharanpur Chapter celebrated birth day of “Lady with the Lamp” Florence Nightingale with lots of fanfare.  CMS Dr. R.K. Sharma and CMS (Women Hospital) Dr. Madhu Saxena lighted the lamp and expressed their great pleasure in celebrating the birth of internationall acclaimed Florence Nightingale who was born 12th May 1820 in Italy but through her exemplary devotion and dedication towards her patients become the darling of the world. Fondly referred to as ‘Lady with the Lamp’ Florence Nightingale had given away all her worldly possessions in persuit of her life’s goal and established first Nursing School in the world despite strong resistence from her parents who wanted her to marry and lead a ‘happy’ life.

Dev Kumar, Ilam chand, R.R. Verma, Sushma Bansal, Evlin Tyagi, Mandeep Babu also addressed the gathering. Sunaina Alam thanked everyone and referred to this day as no less a festival than any other for the nurses community who spend all their live in service to the ailing humanity.


मदर्स डे पर कार्यक्रमों की भरमार

mother-and-child  सहारनपुर के विभिन्न शिक्षण संस्थानों में आजकल मदर्स डे के सुअवसर पर कार्यक्रमों की भरमार हो रही है।   इसी श्रंखला में डी.ए.वी. पब्लिक स्कूल, न्यू आवास विकास, जैन डिग्री कालेज रोड और डी.ए.वी. पब्लिक स्कूल, रसूलपुर बेहट रोड पर भी रंगारंग कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया गया।

सोनिया विहार स्थित डी.ए.वी. पब्लिक स्कूल में कार्यक्रम परंपरागत ढंग से गायत्री मंत्रोच्चार के साथ किया गया जिसमें विद्यालय की प्रधानाचार्या सुश्री मीनू भट्टाचार्य एवं इंचार्ज श्री कमल लूथरा सहित समस्त शिक्षक और छात्र-छात्राएं मौजूद थे।

इसके बाद कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत में इति जैन और आस्था कंसल (कक्षा ६ और ७)  ने मां शीर्षक पर मनमोहक कविता प्रस्तुत की और कक्षा १० की शिखा वर्मा ने गीत प्रस्तुत किया।   इसके बाद विद्यालय की प्रधानाचार्या द्वारा लिखित एकांकी “मां का हृदय” का मंचन किया गया जिसका निर्देशन स्वयं सुश्री मीनू भट्टाचार्या ने किया।   सलोनी पंवार, दीपक शर्मा, हरियश, मधुकर पाठक, आशू चौधरी, आदिल, शिखा वर्मा, दीक्षा और वंशिका ने सशक्त अभिनय से दर्शकों को बहुत प्रभावित किया।

डी ए वी विद्यालय के इंचार्ज कमल लूथरा ने मां शब्द की व्याख्या करते हुए जीवन में उसकी महत्ता पर प्रकाश डाला।   प्रधानाचार्या ने कहा कि हम सभी को अपने मां-बाप का दिल से सम्मान करना चाहिये जो न केवल हमें अस्तित्व देते हैं वरन्‌ न जाने कितने कष्ट सह कर भी हमारा पालन-पोषण करते हैं,  अपने खर्चों में कटौती करके भी हमारी शिक्षा का प्रबन्ध करते हैं, हमें योग्य नागरिक बनाने में हमारी मदद करते हैं।

रसूलपुर स्थित डीएवी पब्लिक स्कूल में ग्रीटिंग कार्ड प्रतियोगिता / हिन्दी व अंग्रेज़ी में कविता लेखन प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें विद्यालय के सभी छात्र-छात्राओं  ने उत्साहपूर्वक भाग लिया।

’अ’  और ’ब’  दो वर्गों में विभाजित इस प्रतियोगिता में अंशुल, ऋषभ सैनी, प्रियंका गोयल, रिज़ा, दिया, अलबिशा, हिमांशी, वैष्णवी, ज़ीनत, खुशी शर्मा, आयुषी गर्ग, गोपाल, नन्दिता, महिमा, रिया चौधरी, हिमांशु, करुणा सैनी, दिव्या, आस्था और निष्ठा की कवितायें व ग्रीटिंग कार्ड बहुत सराहे गये।  “खुदा का करिश्मा है मां / मेरे दिल की आवाज़ है मां / दर्द बिन कहे पहचान लेती है मां / इस धरती पर भगवान है मां !  जैसी कवितायें बहुत प्रभावी रहीं।

विद्यालय की प्रभारी श्रीमती नीता मिगलानी ने कहा कि मां बच्चे की प्रथम शिक्षिका है, वह ही बच्चे को उंगली पकड़ कर चलना सिखाती है और बच्चे के सर्वांगीण विकास में सबसे प्रमुख भूमिका निभाती है।  जिस प्रकार मंदिर में भगवान की पूजा की जाती है, उसी प्रकार घर में, बच्चों को उनको महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका के लिये भगवान की तरह पूजनीय मानना चाहिये।

Mothers’ Day Special – II

Little Angles School

Little students poured their hearts out while preparing greeting cards for their dear mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day.  चलना सीखा मैने, तेरी उंगली पकड़ के मां !
बुढ़ापे में तेरी लाठी बन सकूं ए मां !!

On this day, school also organised a host of musical events, party games and partying.  The Principal Manish Mangal offered his gratitude towards his mother by touching her feet and thus offered his example for the benefit of his students.  He also extracted promises from his students that they won’t ever hurt their mother’s heart.

Pari, Simra, Bhavya, Bhoomi, Ahna, Riddhi, Siddhi, Siya, Lavanya, Ajal, Dolly, Rohani, Dev Manasvi, Peehu  performed a group dance to stole hearts of everyone.  Swati, Nishtha, Praati, Vandana, Radhika, Shweta, Mitushi and other teachers played crucial role in making the program a great success.

M G M’s Kids Heaven School

Various games and competitions were organised by Kids Heaven School also at Bapuji Nagar.  Lemon Rate, Musical Chair, Greeting Card competition etc., were organised in which Samarth, Ojaswi, Farhan, Shikha, Riya, Riyanshi, Aditya, Kartik, Pushkar, Govind, Litika, Nishant, Gunjan, Vanshika, Rohan, Abhimanyu, Mehul, Vansh, Suruchi and many more children participated in songs, dances and games.  The Principal Sadhna Singhal and her school teachers e.g. Preeti, Kangana, Neha shared their experiences and feelings about the importance of mother in their respective life.

The Manager of the School Harsh Singhal congratulated everyone on Mother’s Day and vowed to celebrate the Day year after year.

Jaya Public School

In a fun-filled programme at Jaya Public School, parents, teachers and students interacted through various interesting activities and games.  Poetry and songs in praise of mothers were recited by different students and teachers.  Lemon Race, Musical chair, Public Speaking Competition, Dance competiton also were organised.

The children who participated in the programme included Matansha, Taniya, Bhumi, Aish, Vanshika, Shamka, Abdul, Harshit, Shubhani, Abdulla, Sanjana, Arnav, Yogesh etc.  The Principal of the school Saurabh Gupta congratulated the students and their mothers on Mothers’ Day.   Kavita Saini, Rakhi Dhiman, Monika Chauhan, Niharika Gautam and other teachers actively participated in various events.  The programme was convened by Dipika Madaan.


Mothers’ Day Special

Apple Grove School

Saharanpur : 9th May :  Apple Grove School today honoured the mothers by organising a colourful event on the occasion of Mother’s Day.  Ms. Arti Seth, Principal of Apple Grove School welcomed all the guests and emphasised the need of their active participation in all-round growth of their wards.

In the cultural evening, visiting mothers also participated actively in various events e.g. Fashion Show,  Passing the Parcel, Musical Chair etc.,  organised to entertain the guests. Ms. Iti Gupta, Bindu Saini, Ritu Saini Pooja Goyal  got 1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes in Fashion show respectively.  In Passing the Parcel, the winner was Ms. Mala Sharma whereas Consolation prize was taken by Ms. Sundari Singh.  Ms. Sarita Gupta was the winner in Musical Chair game.

Before the games,  the mothers were all praise for the school and wished it all the success in future.  The Welcome song was presented in chorus by a number of students.

Godfield Public School

Saharanpur 10th May :  In Godfield Public School, the program had different hues and  colours.  The first to arrive on stage was the poetess Akankshika, the school teacher who expressed her warm feelings towards ‘MA’.  This was followed by games – One Minute Game (winner – mother of Satyam – UKG,  2nd position holders were mothers of Krishna, Kanika and Vanshika,  3rd prize winners were mothers of Vanshika, Gauri, Prince, Kunal, Gurdeep, Vasu and Anshul).   Ring game competition proved to be highly entertaining for all the mothers.  In Paper Dance competition, mother of Anmol was the undisputed winner, followed by mothers of Keshav and Anshul to hold 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

The Principal Ms. Indu Arya, while congratulating all mothers, reiterated the need for all round development of the students and the role of extra-curricular activities in personality development.  She emphasised that mere book worms don’t achieve long lasting success in their lives and all students should take active part in sports and other co-curricular activities also.  Mothers would be able to motivate their children much if they participate in such activities themselves.

The success of the event was ensured through active participation by Madhu Bhalla, Archana Bisht, Akankshika, Sandhya, Archana, Hina, Himani, Kirti, Poonam, Kavita, Smriti, Preeti, Deepti, Shashi, Priyanka, Megha, Ankur, Vikas, Mahendra and other teachers of the school.

श्री रामकथा ज्ञान महोत्सव


सहारनपुर – 19 अप्रैल ।   बड़ा मंदिर श्री जमना दास (रजि.) के तत्वावधान में आगामी 25 अप्रैल से 3 मई तक  आचार्य पद्मनाभ के श्रीमुख से सहारनपुर वासियों को श्री रामकथा श्रवण का सुख मिलने जा रहा है।   आचार्य पद्मनाभ विश्व विख्यात राष्ट्रसंत स्वामी चिन्मयानन्द जी के योग्य शिष्य हैं और प्रारंभ से ही सामाजिक, धार्मिक एवं आध्यात्मिक गतिविधियों से जुड़े रहे हैं।   मानस के गूढ़ व गंभीर तात्विक चिन्तन को अत्यन्त सरल, सरस व संगीतमयी शैली में व्यक्त करने की उनकी वाणी में अद्‌भुत क्षमता है, जो हमें मानस को समझने में एक सर्वथा नवीन दृष्टिकोण देती है।


रामकथा महोत्सव का शुभारंभ वृहस्पतिवार, 25 अप्रैल को अग्रवाल धर्मशाला में होगा जहां से प्रातः 10 बजे कथा स्थल तक शोभायात्रा जायेगी।  मानस कार्यक्रम प्रतिदिन दोपहर 3.30 से सायं  6.30 तक चलेगा।  कथा को विश्राम 3 मई 2013 को प्रात: 10 बजे होगा व भंडारा 11.30 तक चलेगा।

आप सभी सादर आमंत्रित हैं।

बिना कन्याओं के कन्या पूजन

रामनवमी, नवरात्र, कन्या पूजन, कन्या भ्रूण हत्या

कालोनी में पूजन हेतु 9 कन्याओं को ढूंढ पाना असंभव होने लगा है!

वर्ष में दो बार नव रात्र में देवी के विभिन्न रूपों की आराधना और नवमी वाले दिन कन्याओं को श्रद्धापूर्वक भोजन करा कर, देवी समान मानते हुए उनका पूजन करना, उनको भेंट अर्पण करके विदा करना सनातन काल से चली आ रही हिन्दू परम्परा है जिसका निर्वहन आज भी घर – घर में हो रहा है।   परंपरा भले ही अक्षुण्ण हो पर अब और कितने वर्ष चल पायेगी, यह कहना कठिन है।  कारण है – अधिकांश हिन्दू परिवारों में कन्याओं के जन्म को लेकर होने वाली हाय-तौबा!    पहले तो कन्याओं को जन्म लेने ही नहीं दिया जाता ।  अल्ट्रासाउंड परीक्षण द्वारा सबसे पहले यह जांच पड़ताल करा ली जाती है कि गर्भ में बालक है या बालिका।   यदि बालिका हो तो उसे  गर्भ में ही मार डालने की योजना तुरन्त बना ली जाती है।    यदि भ्रूण हत्या किसी वज़ह से संभव न हो पा रही हो तो बालिका के जन्म लेते ही घर की महिलाएं – सास, जेठानी, ननद आदि प्रसूता के प्रति ऐसा लज्जाजनक व्यवहार करने लगती हैं मानों उसने कन्या को नहीं, किसी मेंढकी को जन्म दे दिया हो।    नारी ही नारी की दुश्मन बन जाती है।    आश्चर्य तो यह है कि यह सब उस समाज में हो रहा है जिसमें कभी ’यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते, रमन्ते तत्र देवता’  का संदेश जन-जन में प्रवाहित होता था।    नारी की हेय स्थिति के लिये पुरुषप्रधान मानसिकता को दोषी ठहराना किस हद तक सत्य है, कहना मुश्किल ही है क्योंकि महिलाओं के प्रति घरों में ज्यादा अत्याचार महिलाओं द्वारा ही किये जाते हैं, खास तौर पर इमोशनल अत्याचार !

कन्या पूजन के लिये जब पूरे मुहल्ले में ढूंढ़ ढूंढ कर भी नौ कन्याएं जुटाना मुश्किल पड़ने लगता है तो बालकों को ही निमंत्रित कर लिया जाता है कि चलो भई, तुम ही आ जाओ !   कुछ वर्षों तक ऐसे ही चलता रहा तो इतिहास की पुस्तकों में पढ़ने को मिलेगा कि प्राचीन काल में नवरात्रों में कन्याओं का पूजन  हुआ करता था पर बाद में नारी जाति धीरे – धीरे समाप्त हो गई तो पुरुषों का पूजन आरंभ हो गया ।

पर लाख टके का प्रश्न तो ये है कि यदि हर गर्भ में से लड़कियों का बोरिया – बिस्तर जन्म से पहले ही बांधा जाता रहा तो फिर लड़कों को पैदा करने के लिये मां कहां से आयेंगी ?

हम अपने पाठकों से जानना चाहेंगे कि वह इस बारे में क्या सोचते हैं?



पंचकल्याणक महोत्सव हेतु मंगलाचार

जागृतिकारी संत उपाध्याय श्री १०८ नयनसागर जी महाराज

जागृतिकारी संत उपाध्याय श्री १०८ नयनसागर जी महाराज

सहारनपुर : १७ अप्रैल : संपूर्ण जैन समाज ने २२ अप्रैल से २८ अप्रैल २०१३ तक चलने वाले जिनबिंब पंचकल्याणक मानस्तंभ प्रतिष्ठा महोत्सव की तैयारियां जोर-शोर से आरंभ कर दी हैं।  Continue reading

मां शाकुंभरी दरबार

पुनर्जीवन एक परम्परा का

सहारनपुर – १३ अप्रैल ।    ऐतिहासिक स्थली बाबा लाल दास बाड़ा घाट पर आज बैसाखी पर्व पर एक विशाल मेले का आयोजन किया गया। मेले का उद्‌घाटन सहारनपुर के पूर्व मंडलायुक्त व सुविख्यात साहित्यकार आर.पी. शुक्ल, नगर आयुक्त डा. नीरज शुक्ला,  अपर जिलाधिकारी डा. चंद्रभूषण त्रिपाठी, पद्मश्री भारत भूषण व डा. एस.के. उपाध्याय ने गंगा की पूजा अर्चना व घाट पर नारियल फोड़ कर किया। मेले का आयोजन पांवधोई बचाव समिति, श्रीराम लीला कमेटी (रजि.) व श्रीरामलीला संपत्ति कमेटी द्वारा नगर निगम के सहयोग से किया गया था। Continue reading