News Capsule – 15th May

Smart Dance Academy Dance Workshop

Today, Smart Dance Academy started its 1st of 4 dance and skating workshops in the city at Asha Modern School.  The lamp lightening ceremony was jointly performed by Vijesh Joshi and Pravesh Dhawan.    Talking to the news persons Nayak Khanna and Shivani Khanna of Smart Dance Academy informed that other camps are to start at KLG Public School, SK Bal Vidya Mandir and Smart Kids School where students would not only learn new skills but would be spending their fun-filled summer vacations in the most joyous manner.

The children who performed during inauguration ceremony included Kamal, Amit, Himanshu, Krishna, Aakash, Rishi, Sanya, Bhanu, Shivanshu, Puneet, Aditya, Mani, Nikhil,  Deepika,  Sanjana among others.

Raising fee infuriates students of JVJ College

Drawing and Paintaing students of J V Jain College Saharanpur were in for an unpleasant surprise yesterday when they learnt that without any previous notice, their fee was tripled !  Unable to get any reasonable reply from the Principal S.K. Jain, they start agitating under the leadership of Manjeet Singh – the candidate for the Presidential post in Students Union.   Seizing this god-sent opportunity, Manjeet Singh also came forward with many of his followers and demanded explaination from the Principal as to how decision to raise the fee three times could be taken without even informing the students before the start of the session.   Gajendra Sharma, Sahdev, Sachin, Sapna, Reena, Minakshi, Sonia, Sangeeta, Naina also offered his company during gherao of the Principal.  Manjeet vowed to take the fight to CCS University if the demands are not met at the college level.

Summer Child Fete at Khalsa Public School

Swings, Child games, Micky Mouse and many more attractions entertained students and their parents of Khalsa Public School today as a Fate was organised by the school.  Inaugurating the fete, the school manager Mr. Jasbeer Bajaj and the Principal Mandeep Kaur Bajaj said that such events tend to develop various soft-skills viz. organising capability, leadership qualities, team-work, management etc., in the students when they are asked to shoulder the responsibility of organising such events.  Added to it is the great fun they have on the successful completion of such event.

The fete had food stalls, games, fun rides and also a cultural stage where students performed on movie songs.  Pooja Bajaj, Dimple Bajaj, Vice Principal Meenu Sharma, Avneet Kaur, Govinder Singh, Ramandeep Singh, Muneet Singh, Gagandeep Singh etc.,  were also present there.

Mango Festival by Agrawal Mahila Mitr Mandal

Tambola, Paper games, Fun Quiz, Mango mocktail were some of the attraction at Mango Festival organised today by Agrawal Mahila Mitra Mandal, Saharanpur.  The Chairperson Saroj Goyal, Secretary Rajni Garg, Treasurer Neelam Mittal inaugurated the festival being organised by Renu Singhal and Nidhi Garg – the convenors.

Archana Goyal was declared winner in Mango mocktail whereas Ritu Singhal stood second.  Poonam Garg, Arti, Nitul, Mamta, Archana, Chhavi, Suman, Archana, Deepali, Avani, Anju, Sangeeta, Priya, Kavita,  Monika, Pooja, Reena, Sanju, Meenal, Suniti and Jyoti were among those who were spotted there.

Mokshayatan PD Camp

A month-long unique personality development camp has been scheduled by Mokshayatan International Yogashram in the coming month.   Dance, yoga and meditation, self-defence, confidence building, chanting of vedic rites, behavioural science have been included in the syllabus of the camp.

Talking to newspersons, Mr. N.K. Sharma and Vishal Gulati informed that the camp would be open to all with no age-bar.

NCC Trainers get training

Those who have the responsibility to train NCC cadets received highly useful suggestions on being more effective as a trainer and these tips came to 83td U.P. Battalion trainers from various veterans like Col. B.S. Negi, Major Sudhir, Sec. Officer Brijesh Pundir today at 8.00 a.m. at the launch of of ANO cadre.

Environmental Conservation has also been included this year among the important topics which would be taken up by the trainers during their sessions with the cadets.   Chief Officer Vinod Kumar Sharma, Major Ashwani Bhardwaj, Lt. Rajesh Kumar, Lt. Arvind Kumar Sharma, Subedar Major Vijay Kumar, Subedar S.B. Thapa, Subedar Y.B. Thapa, Nayak Subedar Ashok K Sharma, CHM Vijendra Singh, Havaldar Gurubaksh Singh, Nayak Karmjeet Singh were among those who participated in the program.