Education-for-All Rally at Sarsawa

Sarsawa : 9th May –  Students and teachers of Primary and Higher Secondary School, Kumharheda (Sarsawa)  tried to wake up parents who do not send their children to schools by organising a rally under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan.   Smt. Saroj Bala, Gram Pradhan, waved green flag to mark start of the rally.  Parents were urged by the teachers and students to get their wards admitted into the schools by 31st May.

“Geeta, Bible aur Quran – Sabse Pahle Akshar Gyan”  was the most favourite slogan of the rallysts.  The Head Master of the school Mr. Suresh Kumar and Higher Secondary School Principal Smt. Iqbal Khatoon informed that attempts are being made to enroll all such non-school going children who fall within 6-14 age bracket.  The Govt. will distribute uniform, books and scholarship on the basis of admissions done by the end of May only.

Mr. Khagendra Nath, Smt. Ritu Goel, Shiksha Mitra Shabeena Parveen, Reena Devi, teachers Smt. Meena Sharma, Shahin Akhtar, Nahid Akhtar, Smt. Vandana and Smt. Urmila were spotted among others in the rally.